New digital audio interface compatible with Toslink interface and S/PDIF protocol.
Our electro-optical digital audio interface eliminates -unwanted- jitter in digital audio source, digital audio interlink, and all DAC circuits even when significant crosstalk is present.

This new digital audio interface maintains low noise and low jitter.

It can be used to improve the sound quality of all existing Toslink DACs. The transmitter side (digital audio source) is connected to a coaxial cable through a RCA connector.

At the end of the coaxial cable there is an optical connector compatible with the Toslink input on the DAC.

So this is a combination of an electrical interface (low jitter) and an optical interface (low noise, elimination of ground loops).

The required signal level is higher compared to existing coaxial S/PDIF interlinks, so a suitable translator or source are required.

We offer a USB to ElectroTos translator, the UT96 that outputs standard
S/PDIF protocol (compatible with existing DACs) and uses a simple microcontroller that has just enough power to generate S/PDIF in software using the standard USB 1.1 (12Mbps) Full speed USB interface.

This combination of simple microcontroller and USB 1.1 standard outputs a cleaner S/PDIF than when using a high-speed version, like our UT192.

Below you can see two oscilloscope screen captures.
The upper screen capture is standard S/PDIF output and the lower screen capture is our ElectroTos output.