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Why ?

In the 70's we had an old tube radio with built-in record player that sounded very musical. Then came transistor and MOSFET amplifiers, they were technically better than our old tube radio but did not sound as musical.

Even with an analog record player the amplifier can make or break the sound. Tube amplifiers are still used today for their superior sound but they have their issues. Tubes must be matched and have to be replaced over time. Output transformers in tube amplifiers are never ideal but do have great impact on sound.

We wanted to improve the tube amplifier without losing the sound. Over the years we made many transistor/MOSFET amplifier prototypes and products but never really got the musical sound of our old tube radio back.

In 2016 we also developed a new minimalistic single ended MOSFET amplifier that still has the tube sound but with improved accuracy and control.

We used the same concept of our Cube SE amplifier for our headphone buffer in our Mosaic UV.

Meet the Cube SE:

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Cube SE features

Output4 mm sockets
Power SupplyBuilt-in linear power supply 230 V or 115 V
Power Supply connectorIEC 60320 C13 (F) connector with fuse and switch
Lights outPush-button on the rear

Cube SE specifications

Width20 cm
Depth21 cm
Height17 cm
Output stageSingle ended
Output impedance0.4 Ohm
Input impedance100 KOhm
Output power10 W RMS
Frequency Response2Hz - 200 Khz